Neil Armstrong, A Hero We Won’t Forget
Neil Armstrong, made a lasting impression on the Moon and on many of us here on Earth. Just over 48 years ago, he set foot on the Moon and said it was,” One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Maybe we will go there again some day… If we are ever willing to take another “Giant leap for mankind” again.
Twenty-eight years ago, I had the privilege of meeting him and the Apollo-11 crew at the 20th Anniversary celebration at NASA and have a photo of me with them. Armstrong, always the humble one, wanted to stand in the back, but the photographer insisted that he “Another small step forward.” It’s one of my favorite photos.
Five years ago today, this hero of mine and millions of others made his final passage into the great beyond of the angels. We won’t forget you Neil Armstrong. Hopefully, history will never be erased of your record.   A Jeffress.Com post /170825
Neil Armstrong, Moon BG

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