Dates That Will Live In Infamy

On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor and other Pacific Islands were viciously attacked; 2,403 people were killed and 1,178 wounded.  The following Day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to the US and World and called it “A date that would live in infamy.”

On September 11, 2001, (Now referred to as “9/11”), The World Trade Centers I & II were destroyed and the Pentagon seriously damaged.  2,996 people were reportedly killed and over 6,000 injured.  This is another “Date that will live in infamy.”  😱 😰

In addition to the tragic loss of lives, injuries, unforgettable trauma, families torn apart and dreams destroyed, there is the terrible effect on people, not only in America, but in most countries of the World.  We used to go to the airport, buy our ticket, put our bags on the scale and go board the plane.  Now we have to get there two hours early.  Our bags go through x-ray & metal detector machines, and are often torn into.  We take off our coat, shoes and belt and then enter a body-scan machine, hold our hands over our heads and hope our pants don’t fall down.  Travel used to be enjoyable but not anymore.

But those aren’t the only changes.  There are new rules and regulations and diminished freedoms; New government programs and millions of hours spent for the sake of security, which we used to take for granted.  And… when all direct and indirect costs are taken into account for the past 16 years, they total $4 to $5 Trillion Dollars.  Yes, that is 4 to 5 Trillion… with 12-0’s!  Maybe you are not used to thinking in “trillions,” so think of it this way.  IF you are one of the 100 Million people who actually “pay” federal and state taxes, then you proportional part of this cost…this debt, is $40,000 or more.  Even if you don’t pay taxes, think of the wasted time.

Yes… 9/11 is a date that will live in infamy.  Power, money, intolerance, hatred and greed have given us these dates to remember.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have more of these tragic dates to remember?

Irregardless of “Who and how many” were responsible for these acts and for those who never want all the facts known, it is intolerable that some Muslims, both here and abroad, celebrated this tragedy.  (It is documented that they did.)  It is also intolerable that Islam, supposedly a “peaceful” religion, continues to allow a radical minority of Muslims to spread, teach and affect hatred, death and destruction on those who do not agree nor accept their ideology… the radical ideology I mean.

May our condolences, prayers and support continue be with those whose lives were affected by this Day In Infamy.  Thanks for reading and following Jeffress.Com

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