A Couple of My Eclipse Photos from Today

Today I went to Greenwood, SC, had a nice lunch at the Amish Oven Restaurant, then went to the City Park and set up to watch the first total eclipse to cross the entire Continental USA since 1918.  The next total eclipse will be in 2024 but not in my area of SC. I try to never miss seeing the only opportunity I will ever have.

The (1st) Total Eclipse Photo was taken with my Sony DSC-HX400V, 20.4 MP Camera at a zoom of about 30x.  I tried to zoom larger, but kept losing my target.  The (2nd) Partial Eclipse was taken with my Mac iPhone 7 Mini, 12 mp looking through a telescope.  I used my Wicked Laser Glasses to shield the lenses.

DSC00992 Enlg'd

IMG_1130 Crpd&Enh'd

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