It is truly deplorable and beyond the immagination of most that Americans have let their once great Nation slip into the abyss of the doldrums, and for the top five stories on RT (Russia Today), the BBC and several other International Broadcasts to be about the tragedy and stupidity that occured yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Black vs. White… Left vs Right… We all lose.  The “once looked up to USA,” is now the “fire hydrant” for every mad-dog to take aim at.  We are headed to WAR… if not from without, certainly from within.  A man in Ukraine asked me today, “What the hell has happened to your country?”  He continued, “I once dreamed of going there, but now I feel safer right here in Ukraine, even with fighting going on than I would in your country.  Why did you Americans let that happen?”  I hope we can avoid a war.  War often does not determine “Who is right…just who is left.”  May God help us, because we seem impotent to help ourselves.  Follow, Comment & Share:  Jeffress.Com 

1 killed, more ‘extremely’ injured after car plows into protesters at Charlottesville rally (VIDEOS)


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