Did Your Team Win Or Lose Today?

Today was a great day… for the News Media. They were ecstatic! It will go down as the highlight of the year thus far. The “Great Promise” was not fulfilled…. First by Obama, and now by Trump. It doesn’t make much difference whether you rooted for the Blue Team or the Red Team.  In reality, you both lost. Your esteemed leaders who represent you and me in Washington, DC; Their pay and their government insurance didn’t change and won’t because they don’t play by the same rules they impose on you and me. They may be overjoyed or disappointed by today’s vote, but they personally didn’t lose a thing. They are the privileged elite and they rule at your expense and at your pleasure. Wait!… Did I say at your pleasure? $#!+… are you pleased?  Or, maybe you will find others next election who just might serve your needs and those of the rest of us Americas better in the future.

The day YOU and I and a 160 million others insist that our elected leaders live and play buy the same rules and have the same programs, insurance, etc., as they impose on We The People we, will have a far better life. We simple, politically correct people, brainwashed into obedience, may someday wake up and demand a fare shake from our employees, those sworn to serve us… We may then have a better life, affordable insurance, lower costs, more efficient and effective government and therefor, lower taxes. We might even enjoy less stress from not having our strings jerked by the puppeteers we chose to lead us.

You may ask, what the hell do I know about it? Well, I once worked for the U.S.Senate and enjoyed the government insurance. Those were the good old days. When our oldest son was born, our total doctor, hospital and related bills that I was required to pay was $4.00, and that was because my wife had a TV in her room so that we could watch Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon. All other costs were paid. Thank you Uncle Sam… eh… I mean thank you taxpayers. Now the average birth related costs are a thousand times that much… about $4,000.00 total.  But a pair of rubber gloves is billed at $ 8 to 12 dollars in the hospital but you can buy a pack of 100 equal quality gloves at Walmart, CVS or many other pharmacies for $8 to 12 dollars.  I think that is ridiculous.

Obamascare… the “Affordable Health Care Act”, is a disaster… on life-support and will soon go comatose or just die in many areas as Health Insurance Companies decide to just “pull the plug.” The proposed bill that failed today was far from a good, equitable for all health care program. For those old enough to remember, this bill reminded me of the old joke from the 1950’s about trying to mate a Henry J Kaiser with an Edsel. Fortunately, we have moved on in car design, and just maybe we can move on and aspire, encourage, or demand that our elected leaders work together and work for us… We the People… preferably we legal Americans to resolve this issue and provide lower medical costs and truly affordable insurance. Wouldn’t that be great?   If you have read this far…and you agree, why don’t you write to your employees in Washington, DC and remind them that they are sworn to serve YOU.  Please, just do it.

The cartoon below is from 1880, but seems pretty realistic of our situation today.

Credit to: Gettyimages, Kean Collection

Donkey on Cliff & Dead Elephant Pic

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