Will America’s Second Civil War Start Today?

Good morning America. It’s one minute after midnight and the question of the day is: “Will America’s Second Civil War Start Today?” The “popular vote” (or unpopular vote, depending on your point of view) was close, but states that went for Donald Trump represent 56.9% of the 538 “Electoral Votes” to be cast today. If obligation and precedent hold true, Trump should receive 306 votes and Clinton 232. However, today’s vote could possibly make history in an unprecedented way in our Nation which prides itself on honest and true election principles.

The news media is full of accounts and accusations of Russia “interfering” with our election. Yes, it is probably true that Russia “hacked” our election proceedings and results, just as we “hack” theirs. The fact (if true) is that hacking to get an early picture of who will win and therefore be able to adjust their financial, investment and market planning and actions, trade agreements, etc., is certainly no proof of “Interfering with, nor affecting” the election results. There is not proof, anywhere in our media thus far, that Russia, or any other country “Changed” our election results in favor of a Trump Presidency.

You can bet your ass-ets, that we have and will “Hack” Russia’s election polls and results, as well as that of other countries for the same reasons they hack our. It what governments do. If we can “get a jump” on knowing the outcome, we can plan accordingly for an upper-hand and more profitable agreements, contracts, investments and other negotiations, we’ll do it. They do the same.

IF the “Electoral College” votes in favor of Clinton today, denying “We the People” of our choice of President, then “All Hell Could Break Loose.” There could be riots in the streets, property destroyed and people injured and killed beyond anything we have seen in this country in the last hundred and fifty years. May we hope and pray that this does not happen… It could IF we let it.  May God bless America.

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Credit:  WJZ, CBS, Baltimore, Past Riots

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