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Our #1 Knews Today: With “Climate Change” still a major concern, scientists are working feverishly to perfect a new sub-species or breed of fish. The fish are called “Silver Surfers” because they are primarily “surface dwellers” living on algae and other surface floating material and their silver backs and sides will reflect enough of the Sun’s radiation to help cool the ocean waters and thereby reduce further climate increasing temperatures. See Photo of Silver Surfers Below.

The 2nd: President Trump and his Administration plan to reject proposals by Democrats in Congress and “Obama hold-overs,” who still dominate the “non-elected second layer of bureaucracy” to make all cities with population over a million “sanctuary cities,’ and to afford all “full rights of citizenry” upon registration.

And #3: Regarding the increasing influx of Mexicans and Central Americans across our border, a proposal to fund and build, what is being called the Radiation Obstruction Technique (ROT), may be considered. Transmitting towers would be installed which would emit a classified radiation component which would… in short, turn a person’s skin bright red with some irritation and prompt them to seek medical help, and of course, make them easy to identify and be apprehended by immigration officials. Obama had originally considered this option, but rejected it as it kept potential voters out during an election year.

A 4th proposal, similar to that unveiled last year by Maine’s Governor is now being considered in several other red states. The proposal to reform the Welfare and Food Stamp Program to eliminate fraud and ensure that those recipients who are able to work do so, either by working on government assigned tasks or training to acquire work related skills to survive without government assistance in the future. If approved, the program will commence June 31st. The programs would be similar to the WPA, CCC, etc. created by FDR during the Great Depression which helped get America back to work and free from depression.

Yet a 5th proposal fostered by several universities and think tanks is to begin to study and nurture the evolution of the human body for eventual assimilation and survival on sea water as the World’s supply of fresh water is rapidly diminishing. If Mankind can survive on salt water, it will save trillions of dollars in desalination and distribution.

A 6th proposal, a hold-over from the Obama regime, is consideration of a new “Health Care Tax,” being called “LOST” (Lose Overweight & Save Tax), would be based on a person’s BMI. All Obama Care insured, and eventually all will be required to be examined and cary a “BMI Card,” which will be presented every time food or drink is purchased in a store or restaurant, and a tax as a percentage will be imposed on food purchases. For example, a 5’9” man weighing 200 pounds would have a BMI of 29.5 and have no surcharge, but a man 5’9” weighing 220 pounds would have a BMI of 32.5 and be 2.5 points over the line for obesity and be assessed a 2.5% additional tax on all food purchases. This will be a great incentive for overweight persons (BMI 25 to 29.9) and obese persons (BMI of 30 or more) to eat less, exercise more, lose weight and be healthier.

A 7th and more drastic and certainly more controversial plan is to begin sterilizing all rapists immediately upon conviction and all men after fathering 3 or more children and women after giving birth to three of more children. The USA population is increasing at the rate of 30 million every 10 years and the World population by one billion every 10 years and this is not sustainable long-term. There is also consideration of requiring a permit before having a child and imposing a tax thereupon. The problem is, what to do with violators.

A 8th idea may seem strange but is logical… sort of logical. Swiss Cheese has air bubbles (holes) in it and therefore is less dense that other cheeses, so a pound of Swiss cheese takes up more space and requires a larger wrapper than does other cheeses. Therefore, cheese makers are suggesting that Swiss Cheese be sold by the cubic inch or cubic centimeter instead of by the pound or kilo. This makes it competitive with other more solid cheeses.

Oh, and then there is lucky number 9, which is a really “foreign” idea. Many people who eat at Chinese restaurants use the numbers in Fortune Cookies to play the lottery. China now wants to collect a fee or royalty whenever a number on a fortune cookie turns out to be the winning lottery number. They think 10% seems like a fair amount.

And finally, lets end with a perfect 10. Hasn’t it been terrific to have had such an inciteful leader for the past 8 years with such a transparent Agenda? Let’s give credit (or blame) where it is due: President Obama kept one of his promises. He promised to “change” America and he has certainly done that. He knows that these changes will endure for decades to come. He is a happy man, but he knows now that he will not be nominated to the Supreme Court, so has instead started his campaign for presidency of the UN, and change it into his “image” of a new world government.

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Silver Surfer Fish

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