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To My Friends & Followers – Something New

ByJeffressSeptember 2, 20122 min read

To my friends and followers:  Several of you have told me that I do not write much.  You’re right, I don’t.  I will try to do better in the future. …

Our Country Lost A Hero Today

ByJeffressAugust 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon, died today.  I lost a hero today.  Our country and the world has lost a humble hero, a brave,…

Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Running Mate

ByJeffressAugust 11, 2012

To date, the USA Olympians have won 100 metals in London; 42 gold, 29 silver & 29 bronze.  Congratulations to our Olympic teams.  Now to a less exciting, but more…

USA Women’s Soccer Team Wins Gold Today

ByJeffressAugust 10, 2012

USA Women’s Soccer Team wins gold today.  Congratulations to Carli Lloyd & Hope Solo & the entire USA Soccer Team and to Japan & Canada Women’s Soccer Teams, awarded gold,…