👍 Ukraine to get advanced U.S. air defense system.. Soon? 🤔

WASHINGTON (AP) — Patriot missile systems have long been a hot ticket item for the U.S. and allies in contested areas of the world as a coveted shield against incoming missiles. In Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific, they guard against potential strikes from Iran, Somalia and North Korea. / AP, 221215

So it was a critical turning point when news broke this week that the U.S. has agreed to send a Patriot missile battery to Ukraine — something Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has sought for months to augment his country’s air defenses. U.S. officials have confirmed the agreement, and an official announcement is expected soon.

The Biden administration is moving to supply Patriot MIM-104 surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine, according to multiple U.S. officials. Washington is on the verge of supplying advanced Patriot MIM-104 surface-to-air missile systems to Kyiv, according to multiple U.S. officials quoted by CNN and Reuters. The number and variant of the system have not been disclosed yet, and the supply still needs to be signed off by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and President Biden, although their consent, in light of the press leaks, is considered to be a formality… Read On / Jeffress.Com 👇🏿

🤨 As an old war strategist, my opinion is: If the USA wants to help conclude this war, it will have to help Ukraine WIN this war. That said, IF we are going to provide HIMARS to Ukraine, we, the US, should do it as soon as we practically can, not next spring. We must quickly train their personnel, provide the missile systems, and continue to provide them intelligence. They should then hit targets that really hurt the Russian supply line, cut off avenues of logistics, hit bridges, including the Kerch Strait Bridge again; cut off water and power supplies, including Crimea and hit Russia on their own grounds, including Sevastopol’s Naval, Air and supply centers. Putin will threaten this action, but that’s because he is afraid that it will change the course of the war in Ukraine’s favour, but it needs to be done this winter, to help stop further Russian air & missile attacks now, and then Ukraine can begin to reclaim lost territory while Russia’s supplies remain low.

Ukraine is doing a fantastic job thus far and it is more compelling to defend your homeland, families and friends than have to fight a dictator’s ego battle like the young Russian forces are required to. But fighting on your homeland, means destruction to much of your country’s facilities and homes, which will takes years…maybe decades to satisfactorily restore. I hope that President Biden gives this immediate attention and provides Patriots during the winter while Russian forces are holed-up in their trenches, waiting for munitions and supplies, which with the help of the HIMARS, will never come, and they, the Russians forces are forced to withdraw and go home. 🤔

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