As the Sun set ten years ago today, you struggled to take your last breath, and then you were gone. We were all there. Jim and Tom lost their sister. Scott, Chris and Ian lost their mother. I lost my best friend and my dear, loving wife. Many others lost a good friend. As son Chris said, we lost a great and lovely person and Heaven gained another Angel. Now we have memories… many good memories.

Whether we were on the beach (see photo), at home or away, you were always by my side. Now, I stand alone. We always had many friends because your friends were my friends too. Now, there are few friends… only memories. You were the “glue” that brought and held our family together… we were a family then.

😰 I miss you Jeannene. We miss you, and we will always remember you. I promised, I won’t forget, and I will try to keep my other two promises also. Thanks you for our three wonderful sons and the sometimes challenging, but always wonderful life. I won’t forget you… I won’t forget. ❤️

Click & Listen–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nul-fRaj8F4

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