Your Democrat Congress + VP just passed a 3/4 Trillion Dollar bill…Yes that’s Trillion with a “T” like in Terrible, Tragic or Treacherous, and most would question where that money will go… or some won’t even care. For those of you who do care, let me explain what almost three-quarters of a trillion dollars is. IF we were to load $100 bills… yes, hundred dollar bills… into a standard 50′ railroad boxcars, it would take 569 boxcars to carry them. These 569 box cars would make up a train ~31,295 feet, or ~5.297 miles long… and your part of this train-load, IF you are a federal tax-payer, is ~$4,680 per tax payer. Our National Debt is ~$30.635 Trillion…yes that’s ~$30,635,000,000,000 as of this evening, 8 Aug 2022. You as a tax-payer have a debt of just umder one fifth of a million dollars ($194,000 today) and your/our democrat 50 senators plus the tie-breaking vote by your Vice President, added another $4,680. to your part of the debt today. Now, thanks for reading this and following my posts… and go enjoy your dinner… while you can still afford to buy food. Cheers, R D Jeffress, posted 220808.

3d illustration of wagon of freight train with containers on the sky background

Bye-the-way: The 26 cars shown above are only 4.57%, or ~1/22nd of the train of 569 cars to carry the 7.4 billion $100 bills, thay you just got committed for.

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