THE Georgia Guidestones have stood tall since 1980s. However the granite monument was destroyed in a mysterious explosion on July 6, 2022.

👍 The Georgia Guidestones was a wonderful Monument and “Good Advise for Our Future,” but obviously some don’t want that anymore… and the rest may just let it happen. Remember, “Bad things happen when good people do nothing.” I went there once on the way back from Texas and I was very impressed. They should not have been offensive to anyone, so I just don’t understand the hatefulness and destructiveness that has come over our country. 🥶

The Georgia Guidestones are an arrangement of granite slabs located in rural Georgia, about 110 miles northeast of Atlanta.

The controversial historical monument was erected in 1980 after being commissioned by a man using the pseudonym Robert C Christian.

He wanted the landmark to function as a compass, calendar and clock and ironically insisted it must be capable of “withstanding catastrophic events”.

Christian claimed he represented an anonymous group that had been planning the project for 20 years.

The Georgia Guidestones earned the nickname of “America’s Stonehenge,” due to its resemblance to the structure in the UK.

At 19 feet tall, the monument displays a 10-part message written in eight different languages – English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Swahili.

The words are regarded as “guidelines” for humanity to follow.

According to the official website, the stones display the message: “Espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations.” Link–>


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