👺 Blacks will never have a chance to catch up and be “equal” now IF, this legislation passes and goes Nation-wide under the current kiss black ass, ultra liberal congressional leadership and White House administration. Unless and until, Whites stop caving in to Black’s demands, and stop trying to make “US” equal by continuing to lower education and cultural standards, Blacks will continue their down-hill slide into the civilization abyss. 🧒🏿👨🏿‍🦱🤔

Although it is unpopular, not politically correct and we are almost forbidden to talk about it, most real important advances in agriculture, art, culture, education, government, health care, industry, inventions, prosperity, science, transportation, unification and wealth have been achieved by White and “Yellow” (East Asian) people through out history. Muslims, Indian and Blacks (African Negroids) have achieved some, but far less than Whites. However, Whites have been driven by Blacks, particularly in the USA, to lower standards in civilization, culture, education and performance to the point that Blacks now have “little incentive” to try to actually catch up with and become “equal” with Whites and other races of the World. It’s a real shame, but by White’s giving into Black’s demands and continuing to “lower educational and other standards” and giving them dominant roles in sports, TV advertising and programs and providing little incentive to work by paying more to not work than to work, they “have little chance now!”

Here is an example of what is transpiring in your country… at least is some of the most liberal areas: “Administrators at Oak Park and River Forest High School issued orders to their educators to adjust next year’s grading system to their student’s skin color and ethnicity. The plan is going under the name of “Transformative Education Professional Development & Grading.” Originally outlined on May 26th by Superintendent of Student Learning, Laurie Fiorenza, the change was designed to “equalize“ test scores among racial groups, reaching as far as excluding certain materials from grading assessments that could disproportionaly hurt the grades of black students.”

So, there is not special help given or incentive for Black Children to try “To Do Better,” because they will be graded differently than White students. To me, that is “Racism. Teach a kid he is equal… and he’ll never have to really earn, nor be EQUAL. That is a disfavor… and unjust and unfair treatment to the young Blacks of Illinois and everywhere it may be later applied. Blacks need a “Hand UP,” more than a “Hand Out,” and particularly help improving… not just a FALSE EQUALITY. 😱

To read the entire article entitled: “Illinois High School to Implement Race-based Grading System”, click on the Link –> https://ourpatriot.com/illinois-high-school-to-implement-a-race-based-grading-system/?utm_placement=OPNews&utm_source=HeroBrands&utm_campaign=&clientId=merged-field-value or Photo.

Credit to: Our Patriot News, Link, Photo & Article.

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