👺 Putin Continues Plan to Control All E & S Ukraine 🧐

Russia has, or will shortly, take control of all Eastern, Donbas Area of Ukraine, has taken control of the Azov Sea and most of the Black Sea Area. Kherson was controlled early but is under contest now and Odesa is still “free” from Russian control, but was hit by missiles last night. Mykolyiv is not under Russian control, but can easily be blocked from access to the Black Sea. Odessa is sometimes called the “Pearl by the Sea”, the “Southern Capital” , “Odessa-mama” and “The Humour Capital”, as well as “Southern Palmyra”… it is too important for Putin to destroy, unless he decides if “he can’t have it, no one will,” and bombs it like his forces did Mariupol.

Ukrainians will fight the bloody battle to the end to save losing access to the Black Sea, becoming ‘land-locked,’ and losing most of their fertile, crop producing areas, plus their industrial areas. They will be proud to tenaciously fight to save their lives and country, but being ‘out-gunned’ 5+ to 1, particularly by missiles and aircraft, a ‘win’ will be difficult to achieve… but maybe not impossible, particularly IF other leaders and ‘moms’ in Moscow begin to recognize the cost to Russia is great also. NATO estimates that over 20,000 Russian troops have been killed, which seems ridiculously high when “moms’ sent their sons to Ukraine for a ‘special operation’ to de-Naziize the Russian speaking Donbas Region in Eastern Ukraine.

So far, approximately 5 million Ukrainians have fled to safety in other countries, and an additional 8 million are still in their country, but are now homeless. This represents ~30% have now fled or are internally without a home to return to. (See photo #1 of bombed home.)

I Suggest that President Zelensky should send missiles and bomb Sevastopol and it’s ports and military facilities and maybe bomb Simferopol also in Crimea, which should split the Russian forces and give Ukraine a better chance to defend the rest of their Black Sea Area and ports, e.g. Odesa, Mykolayiv and maybe take back Kherson. Ukraine has already lost the Donbas Region, and other than getting their troops and civilians out, there is little reason to continue to commit lives and equipment to that area. Our sending equipment to that area will only result in an expensive contribution to Russia. Assets sent from the West should go to the Black Sea Regions and Kyiv and the Central and Western Regions of Ukraine in my opinion. As an “old strategist,” that is what I would do. (See Photo Map #2, of my understanding of Putin’s “Plans” as of 15 Feb 2022, 9 days before the attacks, and my suggestion at lower right.)

Below 👇🏿 is Photo # 2 of Revised Map & Predictions/ 220423 + Suggestion at Lower Right

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