🙄 Today, Friday, 220422, Is “EARTH DAY.” Whether The Earth is in Our Hands, or We’re in It’s Hands… Or whether We’re both in God’s Hands… What we do know is; The better we take care of the Earth, the longer it will provide for us. This is OUR HOME… our only home for most of us. Oh, we may colonize the Moon and maybe Mars someday with a small colony dependent on us here on Earth, but we will NEVER have a mass population move to any other place. The Earth is our home, and we should not overpopulate nor extract it’s resources in excess of what our dear Earth can provide and sustain.

The Net Population Gain on Earth currently is ~2.6 per second or ~9,360 per hour, so it would take 18.72…or 19 – 747 capacity space ships leaving Earth, every hour of everyday, 365 days per year just to maintain the population status quo on Earth. That’s not diminishing our population… it’s just keeping status quo. So, Earth is your home. Think about it. 🤔

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