😀 Wow ! It shows that I first posted / shared this 8 years ago. Well, it’s still appropriate and valuable lessons for parents today to teach their children. I could do most of these things and more by the time I was the ages shown below. I could drive the Farmall H tractor by the time I was 6, could drive it alone when I was 10, and learned to drive the car on our property and dirt road when I was 12. By the time I was 10, I had saved money from my rabbits and opened an account in the Citizens Bank in Pilot Grove with $256. That was a lot of money way back last century…way back last millennium. 😲 I’m proud to say that my wife and I tried to bring up our 3 sons the same way and I am proud of each of them, and I’m certain they followed the same principles of teaching responsibility, common sense and duties. I am proud of my 6 grandchildren, so I’m sure it works. 👍😉 Good original post Maria Montessori. Cheers and happy teaching to all parents. Give you kids a HAND and give yourself one too. 👏 Please read Ms Montessori”s list below and teach your children to be self-sufficient. ❤️

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