Most people of the World are against Pres. Putin’s Russian forces invading and trying to reclaim parts of the now Independent Nation of Ukraine, especially the Industrial and Natural Resources Eastern Area and greater access to and control of the Black Sea. He wanted to gain the Fertile Soil areas of the middle of Ukraine also, but it looks like the brave, strong and tenacious Ukrainian forces may “Move” those Bellicose Russian Forces out of Ukraine, except for the Donbass Area of Lugansk and Donetsk, which are primarily Russian speaking societies anyway; and maybe even them.

Europeans are a little upset with their Big Brother, the USA for not doing enough to support Ukraine the ousting Russian forces, and providing the necessary equipment and supplies and promptly taking the restrictive actions promised and still being talked about. Example from NPR (credit NPR): “The White House issued a statement saying, in part, “we commit to ensuring that selected Russian banks are removed from the SWIFT messaging system. This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally.” We have cut off several smaller Russian banks from SWIFT, but we did not take this ‘Banking Inter-Communications System’ away for the three largest Russian Banks, who is responsible for 2/3rds of all Russian Financial Transactions. Why?… because ‘We’ the USSA needs it so that our billionaires can make the transactions that they need to … and so we show the World our support for Ukraine without really pissing the Russians off anymore than we already have.

Poland has 29 Russian Mig Jets that they want to give or sell to Ukraine, and the USA has already promised to replace them with newer fighter jets. But Biden has refused to let this transfer or air power happen, and maybe for good reason. It may make us further involved in this war and involve the US and NATO in this war, which could result in strikes against us. That is a good argument, but lets face it folks… When Russia is having trouble beating the little nation of Ukraine with 1/5th the resources of Russia, what chance does Russia have against the ‘mighty EU, NATO and the USA and our other allies. Russia is not going to attack us, just because Poland ‘sells’ its old jets to Ukraine, which DOES NOT directly involve us, the EU or US.

Most of US, “We the People,” support ending this War as quickly and as effectively as possible. Ukraine needs of actions… Not just our promises and our ‘Thinking about it.’ But our politicians, both here and in Europe, want to end this war, but want it accomplished without our strong actions and possible risky commitments. Biden wants the credit but not the blame for helping solve this problem… and will certainly take the credit he deserves ?? 🧐 So, as I said above… If Ukraine “Moves” Russian Bellicose Forces Out of Ukraine, it will Obviously be to Pres Biden’s Credit.🙀

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