🧐 Since Putin has violated his promise to cut back attacking Ukraine, and seems determined to conquer the Donbass oblasts of Lugansk and Donetsk, then maybe IF Zelensky has the ammunition, equipment, air and sea power, and the strength and will will do do so, he should attack strategic areas within Crimea and try to conquer and reclaim it. As an old strategic planner, it seems like to me it will never be a better time for a surprise attack. If it were me, I’d trade the Donbas area for Crimea and it’s seacoast position. Putin is going to take the Donbas Area anyway, so why not try to reclaim Crimea? 😈

Donbass and Crimea, political map. Crimea peninsula on the coast of Black Sea, and Donbass region, formed by Donetsk and Luhansk region. Disputed areas between Ukraine and Russia. Illustration. Vector

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