🥺 The US, the UK, the EU and NATO won’t stop the Russian assault on, and seizure of Ukraine for fear of creating an even greater World War III. China could stop this war if President Xi chose to because there is no way that Russia would stand a chance against their Great Neighbor to the southeast, who would like nothing better than to expand it boundaries into Russia. After all, China has ONE HALF the land area and 10.3 times as many people. Thats 20.6 times less space per capita. China needs more land, more resources and is all set to become the Dominant Force in the NEW WORLD ORDER. Disagree?…do your own research, check it out for your self, and you’ll see the logic in what I am saying here. 🤔 But then, we would have an even greater enemy… an enemy who has 4.24 times the population the USA does, and a much stronger military. 😳 Comments by Jeffress, and Photo credit to AP / The Economist, 15 Mar 2022, Kiev, Ukraine

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