🧐 Do you remember the quote, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Well… maybe in the lives or a few more million people and the loss of a few thousand more. We, the US, the UK, the EU and many other nations have imposed sanctions on Russia, but are they severe enough to “Make a real difference?” Today, I read that further sanctions will be made, e.g.: “The additional 35% tariff on Russian goods will be applied to imports including vodka, steel, works of art and fur.” Wow!, now that just may scare the socks off Putin and convince to capitulate, surrender and promptly leave Ukraine. 👍

We have taken SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) away from several of the smaller banks in Russia, but not the Sberbank (Russia’s largest bank), VTB Bank or Gazprombank which the UK, US and Germany have ties to. The top two Russian banks, Sberbank and VTB, account for more than half of the banking system’s assets. Why not deny them access to Swift?

IF, Putin’s plans are fullfilled, then he may very well decide to attack the small Baltic nations of Estopnia, Latvia and Lithuania, which give him greater access to the Baltic Sea and direct access to Kaliningrad, that little part of Russia not directly connected to Russia. This of course, would be an attack on the EU and NATO and involve their forces and retaliation. That may not be a risk he, or any colleague in their right mind care to take… but are they in their right mind now?

I have wondered why Ukraine’s Military or Militia has not bombed Putin’s palatial $1.4 billion dollar palace in Crimea, or one of his 7 other luxurious palaces… or maybe even hit the Kremlin directly. 🧐 After all, what is Putin going to do… START A WAR IN UKRAINE ? 😈

My sources still tell me that Putin’s “Plans” are still the same… See Map and “Plans” below. Plan “A” is to control ALL of Ukraine, but if that become difficult, to at least control the Eastern and Southern 2/3’s which would give Russia complete access and control to the Black Sea and Ukraine’s fertile river soil and agricultural production in Central Ukraine, plus the industry there. IF even that become to costly, both loss of live, logistics and morale, then he intends to control the Eastern highly Industrialized areas and access to the Black Sea. IF he takes Odessa, the final and largest Black Sea port, it would land-lock and devastate Ukraine and reduce it’s economy and significance as a nation severely.

Ukrainians can be proud, and maybe even confident that their people, military and civilians alike, are ferociously fighting to save their Country, and just may be able to “out fight” or “out last Russia’s Logistics” and to defeat Russia’s troop morale, and out persevere until the military gives up or it becomes too costly, both in lives, money and support, to continue, and Putin capitulates. Putin is surprised in Ukraine’s fighting abilities, tenacity and successes in resistance thus far, and they may just WIN this battle, and that will probably mean an end to Putin’s reign, now of almost 28 years in office. See 2 Pics below. 👇🏿

This 53 year old Teacher didn’t sign up for this when schools, hospitals and residents are being hit. God bless them.

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