💥 Ukraine – Day 12, Resistance is High, but much has been Lost. IF/as Russian forces get, or confiscate more fuel and food supplies, Odessa, Zaporizhya and Dnepropetrovsk will come under severe attacks. This will draw some Ukrainian forces away from Kiev and make complete encircling and seizure of that city and the government easier and quicker. Plus the seizure of Odesa will complete Russia’s control of the Black Sea, land-locking Ukraine, dominating their industrialized East and the fertile agriculture regions of Central Ukraine and cutting their GDP by appx 2/3rds or more. IF…this happens, it will devastate Ukraine.

But the main thing is, hundreds of innocent people are being killed and thousands more injured, physically and by loss of everything they once had. This is truly a tragic situation. Remember, only Russian Soldiers are being killed, but in Ukraine, it is innocent women, children and men as well as soldiers, being killed while fighting, trying to flee, or just having dinner. 😱 War is rarely ever fair and normally does not determine “who is right… just who is left.” 💀🧐😰

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