AS the Sun set over Ukraine tonight, a little more area has been lost to the Russian invasion which started as the sun rose Thursday morning. Kharkiv, Sumy and the Kherson Seaport on the Black sea has been over-run and ground forces are just north of the capital city of Kiev, which is preparing for fierce battle in the next day or two. Mykolayiv and Odesa are probably the next two seaports to be attacked. Mariupol port on the Sea of Adaz, will be surrounded and an easy target at any later date. The loss all of of these seaports would mean Russian domination of all access by Ukraine to the Black Sea and would “land-lock” Ukraine. The Ukrainian leadership is a key target, as well as it capitol Kiev, and Odesa is equally important for access to the Sea. You can see the Map diagram from earlier today, but will probably be changed by the time most view it. Map by Reuters. com Posted 220227 with comments by

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