😳 My Predictions for Russia’s Invasion into Ukraine 💥

🥺 On 15 February 2022 at 4:16 pm, I posted the following. In the past 3 days, more has happened than I even predicted, and it is not over yet. How will we be affected? We will pay…We will accept fleeing immigrants… we will lose even more faith in our security in lives in this World.. .the way it has become today. 😥 See the Map and the Comments I posted below. 👇🏿

I wrote: I have no doubt that Mother Russia would like to reclaim territories lost in 1991, fostered by “the West,” and particularly reclaim Ukraine, with it’s very fertile soil, industrialization and especially, additional warm-water ports and access to the Black Sea. Ukraine used to be Russia’s “Bread basket and Vacation Center.” Below is a Map of what I believe COULD HAPPEN, (but hopefully will not) regarding possible Russian incursion into Ukraine. Take a look at the Map and my comments/predictions. Well, folks, it has happened. Many are dead, more injured and about 50,000 have fled the country. War is hell! It often doesn’t determine who is “right,” just who is “left.” 💀🤔😱

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