🥺 Thee can’t live without a tree. 🌳🌲🌴 Nature works well. For Thee; It’s Oxygen In and Carbon Dioxide Out, and for the Tree; It’s CO2 In and O2 Out. It works well IF we don’t mess it up. Please read on and tell me what you think. 🤔

The LUNGS are like a TREE, except the trunk, limbs, branches and leaves are called differently. The trunk is the Trachea. The Big part of the tree is the Thorax; The limbs are the Bronchi; the Branches are the Bronchia; and the leaves are the Aveali… which is where the O2 is taken in and CO2 is given out.

We need trees to live. Think about this overly simplefied explanation of what the demise of trees can do to us: Approximately and sort of proportionally: For every thousand trees that are cut, we effectively lose an Aveali… one of our tiny leaves. For every Million trees that are chopped, we lose a Bronchia… a little branch with leaves. For every billion trees that are turned into lumber or toilet paper, we lose a Bronchi…a limb. IF all the trees Die… so do I. 💀😱

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