Putin’s battle plans & Ukraine invasion maps as (un)-covered by Western media… of course, who else. ‘Russian invasion’ scenarios imagined, complete with detailed maps and phases of the incursion. Click to read entire RT’s scenarios–> https://www.rt.com/russia/546575-putins-plans-ukraine-invasion-msm/

Comments: Nick Sofronas6 hours ago

It’s time the world faces it’s true enemy. The enemy behind all of this. The enemy is not the U. S. or China or North Korea or Russia …. it’s the elites3 Reply:

Reply: RDJeffress‘ to Nick Sofronas20 minutes ago

👍 Right on Nick Sofronas. I have been writing about this for the past 26 years now. What I call, “The Regime,” will keep everyone’s attention away from their goals and actions with political correctness, political in-fighting, constant threats of pandemics, actual, terrible, selected population control, devastating war, and constant threat of “the end of time”, in order to achieve their totalitarian control of their NWO Cabal. They have been making great headway since 2008 and are now almost to big, too determined and too strong to lose. They are the elites and we will become (some already have) their unhappy, but obedient slaves, and made to believe just how lucky we are. After all…everyday above ground is a good day…right? 🧐 EditReplyShare ›


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