BITCOIN: Musk thinks he solved Bitcoin’s greatest mystery The cryptocurrency founder’s true identity remains unknown. See–>

😳 I wrote about Bitcoins in 1962, 60 years ago, 48 years before they became real, but I didn’t call them Bitcoin. I called them “ghost currency,” The symbol was ø’. I prophesied that the Regime which would eventually control the World… as it does now… would create a “cashless” economy and society would earn or receive “money, a perceived value” which would be accounted for in an artificial intelligence “Cloud Environment,” (location/owner/controller unknown) and when an “Entity, ‘It'” (what we considered a person in the past), purchased something from a store, e.g., a quart of imitation milk and a loaf of artificial 64 grain bread, the overhead computer reader would then read It’s “EIN,” the chip placed on the “Entity’s brain stem, and the “World Entity Value Account” somewhere up in the Clouds, would be charged the the ø˜ 3,750 from Its account. It’s WEV could be revised at the whim of the “Master” and the “Huminit” would have more or less value as determined to maintain It’s control… a process called “governance.” That’s what I believed would happen in my (our) future, and my prophesy was pretty accurate, considering where we are and are going in today’s World. I thought we would only celebrate one holiday by now, but it would be 11 days long… from April 20-30. Anyone know the significance of those days? 🤔😉

Musk thinks he solved Bitcoin’s greatest mystery

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