🤔 Have you ever wished you were ignorant about something vey important… or wished you were a lot smarter about something and understood it a lot better? I feel that way, and the older I get, the more I wish I could figure it out and have complete faith in it.

As a person who once hoped to be a physicist, renown for my discoveries and insight into the Universe and what makes IT and US tick, there is still much I don’t understand. I am blessed with a wonderful, smart, loving family and I’m very proud of and love all of them. I am smart enough to have been a member of MENSA; To have travelled the World; To have managed huge projects… but apparently not smart enough to figure this out.

I believe in GOD… absolutely… there is just too much “Perfection” in this World, this Universe and in LIFE itself, for it to all be coincidental. There is a Supreme Being… a Universal Force… GOD, who may have or be a force of zillions, who create, controls, cares for, loves and has provided everything on this Planet that we will ever need, IF we are just wise enough to find and accept it and not abuse it or use it in excess to it’s extinction.

I feel that I have an ever faith in God, but as a would-be scientist, I just haven’t figured out about Heaven and Hell. I so want to Believe! I want to know that, as a Mason, when I “Lay down working tools” and my “Life” is over, my Soul will drift up into the “Clouds” where my records are stored, and the money I have left is kept… and Most Importantly… that St. Peter will allow me to enter Heaven and my wonderful wife will come and jump into my arms. I really want to believe this. I just haven’t figured that out yet… I’m trying to understand… to believe… to have Faith.

This isn’t a subject that I feel comfortable seriously discussing with anyone… or think that they will feel comfortable discussing with me. I know that I will be looked down upon as a heathen… a nonbeliever and someone they wish not to seen with… much less have such a horrible discussion with. It’s just the Heaven and Hell part that I don’t understand how that is possible. I want to understand and believe, but I’ve never met anyone I felt comfortable discussing it with. In short, poetically: “I pray…that I may… someday.” 🙏

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