By tomorrow, 12 noon EST, you may see changes that you expected…or you may see things that you did know about or suspect. Maybe the inauguration will be virtual and maybe even pre-recorded, or maybe it will be a normal performance at the Capitol’s West Front where they are now normally held , or maybe on the south portico of the White House, or maybe in an undisclosed location… my crystal ball is blurry… but we’ll know tomorrow. It will be a nice surprise… but will there be other surprises, and if so, what?

But that’s probably not your main concerns, right? What others surprises await you…us… We, the People? I can think of many… some, I am certain of… others not so certain. At any rate, I know it’s going to be a whole new world of changes or attempts thereto, and we may all (or most) be challenged to meet them… accept them… and live with them. I would go into more detail here, but I realize that most readers never read more than two or three paragraphs, so I won’t bother. After all, it might ruin the surprises for you. As my friend, who is also concerned said, get lots of popcorn, put on a warm ‘fuzzy-feeling’ robe, sit in your recliner and watch the SHOW. Forget football or hockey…this could be a lot more rigorous.

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