By Tomorrow, Wed, 12 Noon, You May See…

By tomorrow, 12 noon EST, you may see changes that you expected…or you may see things that you did know about or suspect. Maybe the inauguration will be virtual and maybe even pre-recorded, or maybe it will be a normal performance at the Capitol’s West Front where they are now normally held , or maybe on the south portico of the White House, or maybe in an undisclosed location… my crystal ball is blurry… but we’ll know tomorrow. It will be a nice surprise… but will there be other surprises, and if so, what?

But that’s probably not your main concerns, right? What others surprises await you…us… We, the People? I can think of many… some, I am certain of… others not so certain. At any rate, I know it’s going to be a whole new world of changes or attempts thereto, and we may all (or most) be challenged to meet them… accept them… and live with them. I would go into more detail here, but I realize that most readers never read more than two or three paragraphs, so I won’t bother. After all, it might ruin the surprises for you. As my friend, who is also concerned said, get lots of popcorn, put on a warm ‘fuzzy-feeling’ robe, sit in your recliner and watch the SHOW. Forget football or hockey…this could be a lot more rigorous.

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