2021: The Start of Things We Will and Won’t Do Anymore

01. We won’t shake hands anymore…maybe just bump elbows

02. We won’t give hugs or even touch as much anymore.

03. You will take the vaccine as required by the new government

04. You will eventually submit to receiving an tracking device implant

05. We will work from home more… not more long expensive trips

06. The government will issue national USSA identification cards

07. People in public crowds of 20 or more may be arrested and jailed

08. Many will continue to wear a mask…even when not robbing a bank

09. WE will never use titles Mr, Mrs or Miss ever again…it’s verboten

10. Children won’t say “Yes ma’am or no sir” in the future

11. Most PC people will say “Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas”

12. No more Easter…it’s Black History month, all Blacks paid holiday

13. Restaurants will not serve Pork as it offends Muslims

14. Girls or guys can’t wear a Cross pendant or religious jewelry

15. There be NO prayer in public places, sports events, etc.

16. Exception: Muslims can hold their regular “Salat” 5 times a day

17. Schools, business, etc will provide a place for Islamic Salat.

18. Existing objectionable statues will be removed from all public places

19. No more “Black-eyed-peas” on New Years…it’s racist/objectionable

20. Absolutely NO terms relating to Gender, of any kind…ever

21. No child in elementary school will receive a failing grade

22. Boys will be allowed in girls restrooms, at least until the revolution

23. Congress will consider counting all Black’s votes double

24. Absolute racial equality will be required except for sports teams

25. The words “man or men” and any reference to it will be eliminated

26. A Third of those who have lost their jobs won’t have one to go back to

27. Now that Democrats have total control they will keep it for many years.

28. Educators will have a free had to ensure that all students are properly “Orientated.”

29. You won’t have freedoms in the future to object to or disagree with government decisions

30. You Will have the duty to serve your masters which you have so unwisely elected.

And now, may God Help us as we seem impotent to help ourselves. But at least now, we’ll get everything FREE. 😉

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