In 1996, I started writing two books. One, was “A Brief History Of The 21st Century.” I hoped to finish it and get it published before the 21st century started… but I didn’t. So far, I am still working on it occasionally, with hopes of completing it someday soon… hopefully before the SHTF…which I hope never does. Remember… this book was supposed to be “Fiction and not Reality.”

In the first chapter, the university history professor and main character, reads to his class what his great-great-great grandfather, RDJeffress* had written in 1996, entitled, “If I Was The Devil And Wanted To Destroy America.” IF I was to rewrite it today, I would add some more “Regime Controls”. Below is what was written. *

Unbeknownst to me (*the GGGGF), Paul Harvey (one of my favourites), had written almost the same thing, but much more eloquently and precisely, 31 years before in 1965. At the bottom of this post is a Link to what Paul Harvey so wisely predicted and said 55 years ago.

Here is what I predicted and wrote back in 1996, as a part of “A Brief History Of The 21st Century.”

“If I Was The Devil & Wanted to Destroy America” by RDJeffress, 1 Jul 1996

* If I was the devil and wanted to destroy America, I would:

01- Promote women’s rights so that all desire and have equal opportunity.
02- Change the structure of society so that nearly all women have to work.
03- When all women work, children will have to be collectively cared for.
04- Children can then be taught early that their faith should be in government.
05- Demean and destroy all people’s belief and faith in God or Jesus Christ.
06- Destroy all religious icons, references and statues in all public places.
07- Make Christian-Judeo prayer illegal and punish all violators.
08- Change the educational system and brainwash all children by age 12.
09- Require all teachers to follow government guidelines or be penalized.
10- Remove children from homes where parents try to homeschool/teach them.
11- Reduce the military and fire all who don’t support the “Regime”.
12- Rebuild a military force totally in concert with the regime’s agenda.
13- Take guns and ammo away from all except the regime’s/president’s army.
14- Open borders to selected races and classes controlled by the government.
15- Increase immigration and ensure that all are government dependent.
16- Segregate people by race and class to ensure internal conflicts.
17- Ensure that the majority is totally dependent on government entitlements.
18- Control the economy and all banking and financial wealth.
19- Redistrict and control all voting to ensure reelection of the regime.
20- Establish a permanent totalitarian socialistic oligarchy or dictatorship.

Paul Harvey Version: “If I were The Devil.” 1965

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