“Thank God for Deep State”, ex-CIA boss says. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory?

Thank God for Deep State’, ex-CIA boss says. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory?😳

1 Nov, 2019 14:18 / Updated 2 hours ago. Credit goes to: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/ RT Post. 😒 Pres. Kennedy, Pres. Reagan & British PM, Tony Blair, all tried to expose the “Deep State.” See-> https://www.rt.com/usa/472398-deep-state-ex-cia-boss/

Just a few short months, the US political establishment has gone from denying the existence of the ‘Deep State’ and calling it a conspiracy theory, to praising it as the bulwark of the Republic against President Donald Trump.
“Thank God for the ‘Deep State,’” declared former CIA director John E. McLaughlin at an event this week, describing the diplomats and intelligence officers testifying before the congressional impeachment inquiry as “people who are doing their duty or responding to a higher call.”
Lavishing praise on the ‘whistleblower’ intelligence officer whose complaint about Trump’s phone call launched the impeachment probe, McLaughlin said the intelligence community is “institutionally committed to objectivity and telling the truth.” 
Former CIA director John McLaughlin on Trump’s impeachment: “Thank God for the ‘Deep State’” pic.twitter.com/t4pQhFOBuj

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 31, 2019
One would think this might be a bit rich, coming from the former deputy director of the CIA at the time of the infamous ‘Iraqi WMDs’ fiasco – and acting director for a time in 2004 – but McLaughlin’s comments were met with applause by the crowd at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government.
He wasn’t the only one to praise the Deep State either. Sitting right next to him was John Brennan, the CIA director under President Barack Obama, whose fingerprints are all over the so-called ‘Steele dossier’ and ‘Russiagate’, and who is now enjoying a rewarding career as a TV pundit accusing Trump of treason. Brennan argued that the reason Trump “has a contentious relationship with the Deep State people… is because they tell the truth,” and praised the unelected intelligence and law enforcement officials for continuing to “do their work irrespective of what he’s going to do or say.”
.@JohnBrennan on the whistleblower coming from the intel community: They’re “ighting in the trenches here and overseas … I’m just pleased every day that my former colleagues in the intelligence community continue to do their duties.” pic.twitter.com/7YW9lkQMj0

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 31, 2019
Under normal circumstances, these admissions would be rather earth-shattering. It isn’t every day that former bosses of the intelligence apparatus basically admit that yes, they are meddling in the country’s politics, because they feel they have a “higher loyalty” – to borrow a phrase from ex-FBI boss James Comey, another member of this merry cabal – than to the chief executive elected by the American people.
Yet the response has been muted at best, with a silent shrug and the implicit “nothing to see here, move along” from the major outlets. That’s not particularly surprising, given the media’s role in the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy. Why, just a couple weeks ago, the New York Times published an opinion piece praising the Deep State along the very same lines Brennan and McLaughlin would.
The deep state isn’t a secret, antidemocratic cabal. It’s a collection of public servants looking to guard the Republic against President Trump’s excesses, writes @mcottle. https://t.co/ejSkUrhMx7

— New York Times Opinion (@nytopinion) October 21, 2019
When Trump and his defenders talked about the Deep State during the ‘Russiagate’ hysteria, the very same outlets pooh-poohed them as insane, paranoid, and delusional. Now they say the Deep State is real, it’s always been real, and it’s acting in the best interests of the American Republic – and if you don’t believe it, you’re the one who’s insane, paranoid and delusional. Sense a pattern?
Whatever one may think of Trump, it beggars belief that the very people who cry the loudest about “our democracy” are elevating an unelected bureaucracy, spies and counter-spies as the arbiters of it. It almost makes you think the people responsible for pushing the ‘Russian meddling’ conspiracy theory may have done it as a smokescreen for their own (mis)deeds.

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Aside from the fact that the Ukraine phone call transcript reveals no crime having been committed (this whole impeachment farce is just political games by the Left), the idea that the CIA is committed to “truth” and “objectivity” is insane.

Deep state is the utmost evil and biggest threat facing humanity.

The US Deep State is what wants US-Russia bad relations and more US Middle East involvement! This is incredible bad US policy by the Deep State agenda which no elected politician can overcome! President Kennedy had plans to shut down the CIA and withdraw all US from Vietnam by the end of 1965 but rogue elements within the Deep State took him out!

The Deep State isn’t just CIA and FBI thugs, it’s mindless mobs of AntiFa, #resist, every stinking registered Democrat. You cannot fight the Deep State without attacking its roots.

This “deep state” has zero repsect for national and international law, is wholesale lawless and criminal and there’s nothing to applaud about. They are a collective of the most criminal, morals-lacking, cutthoaths holding a deadly grip on the future of mankind.

Sounds like a fourth branch of government. Checks and balances, baby! This ⚖ not this ☭

Ex-CIA director says, “The Truth Will Set You Free – To Do Whatever The Fonk They Want.”

The deep state is the aristocracy planted inside a superficial democracy.

Something like Synarchy. Occasionally you see the edges of it like Iran-Contra and through NATO with the CIA stay-behind networks.

CIA = TRUTH?! That’s a laugh. I needed that. He forgot Pompeo admitting the CIA taught him to lie. Arrest them all for High treason. Debils.

What fools. They actually think that God is behind them when they murder thousands of innocent people,bankrupt nations and foster famine and disease worldwide. Just who could be their God?

They believe that they are God so the statement is self-congratulatory.

Satan. They worship and participate in rituals sacrificing and abusing children for him. They became his children – a soulless creatures. They do whatever he wishes them to do. They call themselves dead. They have nothing to care about except destroying other life. This just a tip of an iceberg it goes deeper than that…

Psychos, psychos everywhere.

No One from the “Deep State” has whistle blown on 9/11 as far as I know and been taken seriously and those who have spoken out have just disappeared..

You can never open that door because by doing so it acknowledges that the US created “sacred victims” out of people that they were supposed to protect.

A man who would serve as CIA Director made it clear back in the days of the Warren Commission that members of CIA are free to lie, to perjure themselves, without consequence. I think that should always be kept in mind.

Deep State swamp is showing it’s ugly head… it’s ugly and it’s in control

It seems the deep state must believe they are almost in total control, or they wouldn’t have their mouthpiece, New York Times, publicity outing their existence.
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