Angus Beef is often considered the best, but…

Is the beef you are buying really “Angus”? Most people don’t have access to, nor can afford Kobe or Wagyu beef, so they buy Angus, which they believe is the next best thing. Beef grading has improved from what it was previously, but the Angus beef you pay extra for doesn’t ensure that it is really “Angus.”

There is a difference between Purebred “Registered” Angus Beef and store-brand “Angus Beef” or even “Certified Angus Beef.” Registered Angus Beef have to be “Purebred,” 100% Angus or at least 5th generation, cross-bred, 31/32 Angus Beef.

I’ll explain cross-bred Angus beef. An Angus bull is bred to a Hereford (red-brown, white-faced) beef cow or a Holstein (black & white) dairy cow, etc. Angus are smaller than Herefords, Holsteins, etc and an Angus cow has more trouble giving birth to a large calf, so an Angus bull sires the cross-bred calf.

If a purebred Angus (black) bull and a purebred Hereford (red-brown, white-faced,neck & ankles) cow, the off-spring will be a black, white-faced calf. If that calf is a bull (50% Angus-Hereford) and is then bred back to a Hereford cow, the result is still a mostly black, white faced calf…now only 25% Angus. This can be continued a 3rd and 4th time and the offspring becomes less black, yet still may resemble an Angus, but is larger and produces more meat when sold.

Just like tomatoes, corn or wheat, hybrids (crossbred) are normally bigger and perform better than 100% pure blood (or plant) lines, and produce more fruit, grain, or meat, and are therefore, prominently used because they are more drought, insect and disease resistant and and therefore are more consistently and abundantly productive.

So, the next time you consume an “Angus” burger or steak, don’t bet your ass ets that you are eating 100% Angus beef. It may be a great burger or steak, but in may not be “Angus.” 😳 … So, ALWAYS BUY & ENJOY “CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF.” 👍😀

Hereford and Angus continue to “bump-heads” to see who is best. 🐂 😉

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