OhBama… A Barry suspiciously “placed” President.
Factual Research shows that: People in the know,
including the government, Know the Following:

1- Who and What he was and is and directed intensions;
2- Where is is really from, and where he grew up;
3- Who his sponsors and “puppeteers” were/are;
4- How he got his fake documents, including his SSN;
5- Why he was “set-up” to be President of the USA;
6- What his religious up-brings were and where; and…
7- What happened to those who tried to expose him.

Did you ever watch the interviews, read the books or
see the movies by the two guys who were going to
“Tell All” about Obama back in 2008 and 2012? Did you?
Well, I didn’t either. They could have made millions, yet,
they just disappeared…never to be heard from again.

All of this MAY come out someday…or maybe not.
He is the only president to have hidden his records,
and his records may remain “black” (sealed) forever.
We may never know… strange… really strange.


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