A New “Progressive” Agenda 😳😱
(Caution: The following may be offensive)

We came. We killed those who resisted. We took their lands. We put them on reservations.

They, the Indians… the Native Americans… weren’t happy, so we decided to appease them.

So, we gave them legalized gambling, they got casinos, and now are happy and prospering.

Then, why don’t we use the same strategy to placate others and eliminate this ugly “race thing.”

After all, War rarely determines who is Right… Just who is Left.

Instead of reparations, why don’t we give Blacks legalized prostitution and let them propagate?

And for Hispanics, give them legalized marijuana and drugs and let nature take it course.

Just give Chinese all property, both physical and intellectual, and they will be forever happy.

The best we can do for those from Africa and India, is send them condoms… lots of them.

For Whites, hell…just put all democrats in office and let them give everyone everything free forever.

That still leaves the Muslims: Let’s all be “PC” and let them rule… they’re intending to anyway.

Life and everything on Earth goes in periods. Our next period is going to be very bloody.

And Climate Control… That’s a problem for God’s next creation and experiment. 🧐🤷🏻

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