🥺 May We Never Forget 9/11 😢

🥺 May We Never Forget 9/11 😢

Eighteen years ago today, tragedy struck the USA. 3,000 people were killed and another 33,000 have been treated for injuries and illnesses resulting from that tragic day and those that followed. Another 1,400 people have since died as a direct result of the attacks. Many were first responders, fireman, police, medical personnel, military, contractors and people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

America changed that day… the World changed that day !! Millions of man-hours and billions of dollars have been spent, and even more importantly, our beliefs, culture, security and our very civilization has changed, and will take decades to get back to pre-9/11, if it ever does. We may never forget 9/11.

Before 9/11, we could go to the airport, get our ticket, and board our flight without and serious delay or problem. Now we get our boarding pass, wait in line, go through security, and if you neglected to put that 4 ounce bottle of cough medicine in your checked luggage, it gets thrown out. Just think of all the time, cost, inconvenience, fear and frustration we now have as the result of the 9/11 attacks.

The “Attacks;” AA #11 hit the WTC North Tower; UA-175 hit the South Tower, AA-77, the Pentagon and UA-93 crashed by heroic passengers and flight crew, 127 miles NW of WDC keeping it from probably striking the Capitol or White House.

Today, 18 years later, we mourn the loss of life and a part of our civilization and security caused by the “best orchestrated tragedy” in our history on American soil. Today, we shed a tear for what is lost forever… yet have the faith, the strength and the tenacity to make sure it never happens again. 😇

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