Black Professor Says It’s Welfare, Not Slavery, That Decimated US Black Families –

🧐 Exactly! George Mason Professor Walter Williams, a renown, respected Black professor, is absolutely correct. In 1940, just after the Great Depression, only 11% of blacks were born into and grew up in a single-family home/ 2012 data. Today, 75% are born into and grow up in single family homes… no father figure…no discipline… no respect… no cultural training to become self-sufficient. I blame Whites for not giving Blacks a “Hand-Up instead of a “Hand-Out.” I blame Blacks for not diligently trying to achieve success instead of demanding and existing on “free-stuff.” There are more Black slaves to the system and government free stuff today than there were slaves at the peak of slavery in the mid 1800’s. Go to & read–> 🙄

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