Is Giving Someone Something for Nothing Really Helping Them?

Teacher, Diane Tirado, Fired for Giving Students a Zero

😰 Teacher, Diane Tirado taught the way teachers used to teach in the past. She gave students a “zero” for not turning in required assignments. However, Mrs. Tirado violated School policy for not giving students at least 50%, even for doing NOTHING. Parents supported their “Lazy, belligerent, do nothing kids,” instead of backing up the teacher for insisting the students get a decent education and learn responsibility and self-sufficiency. She did what a good teacher would do… but not what our government dictated, politically correct, educational policies require. No wonder our educational standards are in the toilet compared with many other nations.

🤔 Personally, I think President Trump should ask his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos to hire this teacher, Ms Tirado to her staff. She is the kind of teacher America needs, IF we are ever going to repair our broken education system and move back into the “First World” Echelons of Education. We (the USA) are now ranked 24th in Reading; 26th in Science and 39th in Mathematics in World Ranking. When subjects are ranked together (R, S & M), the USA comes in 31st… 31st: Shameful.😲

It’s just astounding and disappointing that “We, the People, have let our governments dictate the standards that we teach “to the Lower Levels, and no one gets a failing grade. This ensures that students know that they can get by with doing little or nothing and still pass, which defines the “new success” to them. Even a “Loser is a Winner” now. Why should they study and work when they are ensured of “winning” even if they lost or never even played the game. Kids now get 50% for doing absolutely nothing !! All kids get trophies whether they won or lost every game. And, unfortunately… we now have a large part of two generation that expect to be provided for instead of becoming providers, or at least, self-sufficient.

We, as a culture, have become so “PC,” so Politically Correct, that we are now only “PC,” Partially Competent. How the hell did we let our Nation sink so low? 😱😰 Please go to —> …and read and see who you think is right and most helpful to our future generation.


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