Now that we have celebrated the 50th anniversary of Aollo-11’s successful landing on the Moon, and the USSR, China, Japan, India and Israel have sent space crafts to observe or land on the lunar surface, the QUESTION arises… Who Owns the Moon? Well, as a matter of fact, I think:

I DO… I OWN THE MOON. When I was about 10 years old signed up and entered a contest to own the moon. I have forgotten whether it was in Collier’s magazine, The Saturday Evening Post or maybe Post or Kellogg serial… but anyway, I signed up and I WON. 👍😉

Who Owns the Moon? I do… I won it fair and square. Go to –>

I also signed up with Pan Am to go to the Moon and I got my certificate, #256 as I remember, and I definitely planned on going to the Moon. Heck, I’d still go if someone e will take me. ✈️ 🤪

Somewhere amongst my souvenirs, I still have my “Deed to the Moon” and my “Pan Am Certificate,” to get my ticket and go to my new property… The MOON! Yep… I own the Moon. Now, I don’t want any argument about it. I own it and somewhere hidden away for safe keeping are my documents of ownership and my trip to the Moon. 📜 😳

So, let’s settle it now and let there be no more discussions or question about it… I own the moon, and I wish the governments and private parties like Space-X would get permission before the set foot on my property in the future. I’m pretty easy-going, so I’ll let them, as long as they never forget that, as the Plaque says: “We came in Peace for all Mankind.” 🤯 Even though we insist on having Hell on Earth doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t at least try to have Peace on the Moon. 🙄

Written claim & Photo by: Jeffress.Com

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