🤨 Did you read it? Did it sink in? 🙄 You remember the sexual escapades Bill Clinton… well, he was a wiener compared to Obama. Obama, our first alien, black, communist president screwed millions while he grew his wealth from less than a million to $40 million (12.5 times his salary) during his rein as dictator. Not bad for a poor, black muslim kid with 3 birth certificates who can’t prove that he even has a college education and is the only president who obscured/erased his entire past. 🙄😳
😒 Let it soak in: He FINED legal citizens who didn’t buy health insurance, but GAVE free insurance to illegals who sneaked into this country. What a guy! With boy like him and boys and girls all over America that believe he is the greatest, it’s no wonder the USA is in such a broken situation. 😮😱

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