😒 Now that the presidential campaign is well underway, earlier than I’ve ever seen before, maybe it is time we take a look at the menu and see which meats our expectations and that we can stomach for the next four to eight years.🤢

😉 The Republicans have their “prime meat” candidate.  Like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK and Reagan, he is determined to effectively make changes others have not dared to. He is perceived as a bull… never a steer, and committed to making America great again if allowed to.🤗

🙄  The Democrats have their menu of mixed food for thought including: One who knew she had it “fixed” but failed; One who “visited 57 states,” almost ruined America, but fortunately, failed… thinks he’s still in charge;  One who wants be queen and rule or ruin America;  Another who wants to be queen if the “olé white gal” fails;  One who wants “Free-Stuff” for everyone (well, maybe not Republicans) and says that the Pentagon has lost $21 trillion, even though the entire military combined budgets from 1789 to present totals only $18 trillion;  And finally, the real “puppeteer,” the “lefts” chief, silent “handler,” a member of the group I call “WAR”… World Authoritative Rulers.  😈

🧐 The Independents have “their Man,” who thinks money grows on trees and can provide “free-stuff” for life for everyone, maybe even Republicans.  Vermonters are common-sense, smart people. How the heck do they put up with someone who will “Bernie through” billions or trillions of dollars that we don’t have?😰

😳 Some will understand it, some won’t. Some will like it, some don’t.  Soon it will be time to really examine the “menu” and steak your claim for who will secure and make America great, or who will let it fail for the benefit of the oligarchs who will eventually enslave the rest of us.  There is “no free lunch” that someone else doesn’t pay for.  What the Government gives to someone, it has to take from someone else.
👿 Choose wisely… yours…our future depends on it. 😱

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