This is Pure BS… The Real Thing

For years visitors to Mexico, Central & South America and some in the USA have dined on “Rocky Mountain Oysters.” Many consider them a special delicacy. Now someone has come up with the idea of “squeezing those testicles” and producing a slimy pulp of sperm which when mixed with a flour binder produces a grayish soup and when cooked with spices is called “Bull Sperm” Soup, supposedly high in protein and testosterone.

Supply and demand makes this soup rather expensive as the “Pure BS Soup” comes from the horny beasts slaughtered during actual bullfights prominent throughout Hispanic culture in major centers in Mexico South America and Spain, Portugal and France and are usually held on Sundays between April and October.

I got the soup from a friend who just back from Mexico. I can’t go there anymore because there is probably still a bounty on my head for having 40 thieves arrested several years ago. The soup is creamy, but lacks sufficient testicle parts and is a little bland. I added a good dose of ground pepper and some crackers to bring out the flavour. Adding Doritos is better than crackers, but I was out of Spicy Doritos. It also goes good with a nice red wine, but I chose to have a Guinness Extra Stout and a piece of apple pie with mine. If you hope to have Bull Sperm soup tonight and rise like a raging bull in the morning, you may want to have an extra Guinness Stout with your BS.
Cum on and give it a try… don’t peter out. Remember, you are what you eat, and if you don’t try something new, you just grow old. So, try del Gatos Bull Sperm Soup.

An angry bull… you would be too if you saw jewels in a bowl.

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