History is as much a part of Education as are Language, Mathematics, Physical and Social Sciences. Religion has had a profound effect on the development of nations, the ways they are governed and is paramount in the understanding of History.

Our Bill of Rights, Amendment-1: States that “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”… This was intended to preclude the “Church of England” from creating and exercising control over our newly founded Nation and it’s government. It was not intended to preclude the free discussion, education of the various beliefs or the relations or effects on history.

We have diminished or erased Religion as a part of education, out of fear, lack of understanding, the plague of “Political Correctness, and as a “Control” by a minority who object to anything they don’t like or agree with. Therefore, we have taken God, Jesus Christ, prayer, religious study out of our schools and even the wearing of a symbolic “Cross” in many schools.

I believe that history should be preserved as “History,” not changed to fit our current opinions, and that ALL history, including religion, should be taught equally and honestly without attempts at converting nor presented in a privileged way. Islam is now “privileged” in many schools.

There are no “prayer rooms” being built and any public schools today that I am aware of, but there are “special Islamic prayer rooms” being added to schools, some offices and even airports now. So, we are giving “special privilege” to Muslims, who demand that their religion be acknowledged, accepted and provided for in our educational system facilities. No other religion has demanded and received such special privilege. There are private, religious schools which have such facilities and do teach religion, but Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and others have not demanded, nor been rewarded with such privilege in public facilities.

Having worked in and lived in Middle Eastern Countries, I understand Islam, Muslims and Shari’ah Law pretty well, and have been told/advised by am Oxford graduate Mufti that the great majority of Muslims are truly good people, but there are radical Islamists. These constitute a small minority, yet these radical, dangerous activists, are unfortunately, the ones who believe Muhammad’s preachings that, Islam is the ONLY religion fit to inherit and control the Earth. They believe all infidels should be exterminated for the good of the Islamic World.

It only takes a few to exert a powerful influence, control and lasting impression. Example: You may have a wonderful meal at an exclusive restaurant. Everything is perfect until you find a cockroach in you chocolate mousse to spoil the whole meal and your entire day.

Do you really want your son or daughter working in a gas station/ convenience store and people coming in wearing a burqa with their face and entire body hidden? That “woman” may be a man with an automatic weapon concealed by their clothing. The belief is that: Islam and Christianity and other religions will never be compatible… Not now… Not ever. Not truthfully teaching that is unfair to our students of today and our leaders of tomorrow. Brigitte Gabriel is the most knowledgable and personally experienced communicator in America on this subject and I urge you to go to and watch and listen to her videos, particularly, Islam in American Schools–>

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