The United States has more technology, equipment, people and spends more money spying on other nations than all of those nations combined have who are spying on us?

Russia is rounding up all of their Hispanic ethnic immigrants and supporting and transporting them here through Mexico, so that they can increase their Russian influence here in America?

Radical Islamists are also bringing in as many immigrants as possible, with the intent of their becoming involved in our political, financial, law enforcement and education systems, to pave the way for Sharia Law in the West by the second half of this century? Their birth rate is three times that of Christians.

American Liberals are now being joined by determined World elite oligarchs to make sure this time that the 2020 elections are “fixed” in favor of Democrats winning, to ensure that socialism, open-borders, free abortion, etc., are achieved?

The Almighty Media will implement “program failures” to either “not air”, or “accidentally delete or change the content/meaning of paid advertising by “non-liberal” politicians, and provide free air-time only to those favored by the Media?

A bill proposing “racial unity” is being considered to pre-natal DNA test all pregnant women and abort all babies with pure “Caucasian ethnicity?” This will ensure that we have a “mixed society,” and begin the elimination of “White Supremacy”?

Do you believe… do you consider… or do you avoid even thinking about such ideas, truths or fiction as described above? Or would the Almighty Media have to say it over and over before you will believe it? Well, don’t worry… They won’t. Just stay in your safe space and be happy. BTW, there is some truth to all of the above… Especially the first one.

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