Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day today. We celebrate this man and his righteous ideology and his wishes that we could someday live together in peace and harmony without prejudice or regard to one’s colour of skin… That all might only be judged by their character, their integrity, their belief in God and their patriotism, love and support toward their fellow man and their country.

That was Martin Luther King’s direction, his hope and his prayer for us in the 1960’s. Today, things have changed, and Dr King is probably “turning over in his heavenly grave, if he knows what is happening today. We the people, black, brown and white have let his dream die. 😰

I too, had a dream last night. I dreamed that some un-American, non-patriot, advantaged, millionaire NFL players were holding up Dr. King and saying: “Hey Bro, we is sorry. We let you down. We let fame, greed, wealth and power get in the way of what you wanted for us folk. We promoted racism, hatred and ultra leftist-liberalism to get what we wanted…or what we were told we wanted and should demand. We was wrong. We’re sorry. May penitence be upon us. Forgive us.” 😱

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