The Plan… Their Plan… They’re Coming… Committed !
Most people don’t believe it… They don’t want to believe it.
Heck, they don’t want to imagine it much less talk about it.
But it is True. Look at England, France, Germany, others.

The Muslims are coming… The Muslims are coming, and
Total Control and Sharia Law will become the Law of the Land,
If we Christians and other Infidels allow them to succeed.
It will happen, IF we let it happen, and it is happening now!

Yes, our Government Is F… Fouled up now, but just wait…
It will get worse than it has ever been before. If you didn’t
like Obama, and don’t respect Trump, just think about how
much worse it can be under the rule of Sharia Law. Read on:

We have the freedom to believe, to participate in religion…
Or not… It’s our choice; We are free to decide. However,
That could change…If our Political Correctness compels
us to not reason… to not act, to just think “Que Sera, Sera.”

Most religions are just that… A religion, without strict rules
and severe punishments as dictated by Sharia Law.
Please click on or copy and paste this link below and read.

Educate yourself, your children, your friends, and stand-up
for what you believe and accept, and reject what you don’t.
You have freedoms that much of the World doesn’t have.
Hang on to our way of life and reject adverse change.

Please click on or copy and paste Rose Broadway’s Link: by
Michelle Malkin, who understands and explains well
the ramifications of life under Sharia Law.

Most FB friends won’t comment and less will share, but
think about the lives of your children and grandchildren.
What kind of cultural, educational, financial, political and
Religious life and freedom do you want for them? Which?

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