I Have Learned…

When I was a teenager, I attended a high school in a small town in the Midwest. I was active in the FFA, “the Future Farmers of America,” and probably learned more from my Vocational Agriculture class than in any other.

Three important things I learned were not only applicable to the viability of farm life, but also to the character, economy, health, safety, socialization, success and well-being of our Nation, not just our farm life.

1- I learned that when we had plenty of space, water, pasture, grain and hay to properly feed and care for the animals we had, we could maintain that level, or bring in more livestock if we deemed necessary. When the pasture was full and we had to depend on outside resources, we needed to close the gate and not create a burden on health, time or resources.

2- I learned that we needed to be selective in what (or who) we let in and there must always be a high probability for success, or the additions were unwarranted and often detrimental.

3- I learned that to perpetuate the continuance of, or worse yet, to increase the number of non-producers… to breed whole generations of non-producers dependent on the production of others was not in the best interest of a successful farm, and the same can be said about a Nation. The United States has had the “greenest pastures” in the World for decades, and millions want to come here, but generously giving them that right to “over-fill” our pastures is now depriving the rights of those who made America Great in the first place. We need to go on an “immigration diet,” and only take-in what and who we can accommodate in the best interests of both the new immigrants and the people already here.

The three principles I just referred to above, which I learned and applied in the FFA, should now be retaught and applied by a new version of an FFA… the “Future Framers of America,” to deal with our ever increasing population and ever decreasing resources. Our government… our constitution stipulates, that we are “A Nation Of the People, By the People and For the People. But People are The Problem… I repeat, “People Are The Problem.” The population of our Nation has more than doubled in my short lifetime and the World population and increased to over three and one-half times. Common sense dictates an eventual inevitable failure.  Our planet, our population, has changed since the Biblical days of Genesis and the nakedness of the land and of Noah. We need to be ever vigilant of our borders, our health, resources, safety and our “pastures,” or soon… we will “Lose Our Gr Ass.”

When we allow, encourage, politicize and tolerate too many… too quickly to accommodate a healthy environment, to earn their right to be here, assimilate, prosper and provide for themselves, we do a disfavor, not only to our legal citizens burdened by uncontrolled immigration, but for the immigrants themselves… those who have legally waited in line and those who just snuck in. Fixing the “Immigration Problem” is a BIG deal… it is a costly deal… but it’s not just about “Dollars and Cents,” it’s about “Common Sense.” May the bastions of our educational system and government allow the “Great Force in our Universe” back into our society and a sense of “common good for all,” back into our lives.

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