Amish Midwives Stopped From Being Storks

Amish Midwives Given Probation, Must Stop Practicing
Aug 27, 2018 01:59 pm | Erik/Amish America
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Indiana Amish midwives Sylvia C. Eicher and Lydiann S. Schwartz avoided jail time at their sentencing this past Friday. The women were instead given 2 years’ probation and ordered to stop practicing midwifery and medicine. The prosecutor, Jeremy Brown had asked for 6 months’ imprisonment as they had been previously warned to stop practicing medical procedures… delivering babies.

My comments: Legally, these two Amish ladies did break the law. However, their beliefs and customs don’t concur with those of the majority of Americans today pertaining to vaccinations, hospitalization, etc. That doesn’t make them wrong… just different. They have happily and successfully survived and prospered for decades keeping to themselves and adhering to their religious beliefs.

These two Amish midwives have reportedly delivered over 4,000 babies over the past few decades and there have been a few babies who died after birth. Possibly, trained medical professions could have saved these babies, but maybe not. So, the question is: Were these “midwives” putting infants more at risk than they would have been in a hospital? Let’s look at some facts as reported: In 2016, the infant mortality rate in the United States was 5.9 deaths per 1,000 live births. (See: In 2016, 23 states met the Healthy People 2020 target of 6.0 infant deaths per 1,000 live births. (This link is CDC.Gov link regarding this subject)  Continued below Photo.

“The United States has the highest first-day death rate in the industrialized world. More USA babies die on their first day than in 68 other countries, report shows. . An estimated 11,300 newborn babies die each year in the United States on the day they are born. This is 50 percent more first-day deaths than all other industrialized countries combined.”I guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t have such stringent laws back in the 19th century, or many of or ancestors wouldn’t have survived and therefore… many of us (you and me) might not be here today to judge the customs of those we may not understand or agree with.

We “politically correct Americans” do seem to “bend over backwards” to not offend nor stymie the beliefs, demands and actions of another group… the Muslims, whose leaders have said their goal is to eliminate non-believers and rule the World someday. The Amish are truly a peaceful sect of people intent on harming no one, so why don’t we give them the same reprieve we give others, who are different, including the Muslims? Let’s don’t pick on the Amish because they don’t fight back.

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