This Week I Gave Up On AT&T (Awful, Atrocious & Terrible)

I’ve been without satisfactory service for 2 years, been over charged, lied to and ignored when trying to get service improved.  I’m tired of spending hours talking to techs in the Philippines who insult me by asking if my computer or television is plugged into the outlet.  I’ve spent hours talking to agents overseas, customer service and people in the presidents’s office at AT&T in Texas and other places.

This week I finally gave up on what was once the largest, best company in America. I sold my AT&T stock, canceled my U-Verse Internet, Cell phone, Landline Phone and Television and got Spectrum Internet, Consumer Cellular and put up two Antenna in my attic. My Service is near perfect and I’ve cut my costs by half. So, AT&T may have beaten me, but in the end, I think I’ll be a winner from here on. RIP AT&T… I think you are becoming the “elephant in the doghouse“… too big, have a DGAS attitude and it’s only about money…not customers anymore… a real shame.    

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