Be Careful What & Where You Eat

In today’s society, you must be careful of what and especially where you eat. With numerous reports recently of defiant and hateful Blacks spitting and blowing their nose in White people’s food in restaurants, we see reports of even more disgusting and possible disease bearing “poop” in our foods.

A Burger King in Delaware has been temporarily closed by the health department after an investigation, triggered by an online video of mice pillaging a pack of rolls, found numerous rodent droppings across the restaurant.

“Pallets that rolls were on had mouse droppings. Mouse droppings were observed on the floor near the ice machine, water heater, under storage, near syrup soda boxes and behind fryers,” a report from the Delaware Health and Social Service’s inspection said.

The probe resulted in a cease-and-desist letter filed last week against the Burger King outlet, located at 2802 Concord Pike in Wilmington, over “gross unsanitary conditions” that posed an “imminent health hazard.” (What American media doesn’t report, RT does) Credit their post *

* Here is the RT Link:

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