Today, I Lost a Friend, a Hero, a Mentor

Today, I Lost a Friend, a Hero, a Mentor. I’m certain that Dr. Krauthammer didn’t know that he was all those things to me, but he was. He was a real man of extraordinary intelligence, talent and wisdom; a man of common sense and integrity; a renown news commentator and a Pulitzer Prize-Winner.  He was the “big gun” in news analysis and reporting, and there aren’t many of his “caliber” left.  We will miss him. 😢

He spent the majority of his life with a disability that would have defeated most men who would have given up and caved in… It never defeated Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a brilliant man who died today at 68. In my opinion, America lost one of our great thinkers and rare assets today. RIP my friend.  😇  Richard Jeffress,

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